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EDUKATE Features

EDUKATE is a world class E-Learning technology platform that helps support students' learning of Math, Science and English. This technology platform has been used by some of the most prestigious educational institutions (Oxford, Cambridge, BYU) and publishers (Pearson, Harper Collins) in the world with more than 25 MILLION users globally.

Edukate offers Science and Math lessons in dual languages (Bahasa Malaysia and English).

EDUKATE was built to enhance the student's learning experience and help them master the subjects that are being taught.

Using EDUKATE will give your child a distinct learning advantage as lessons are taught using highly engaging animations, with voiceovers, interactivity and games. We are so confident that your child will love EDUKATE that we are offering a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Sign up now and try us for FREE.

Multimedia Lessons

Test and Assessments

Syllabus based Educational Games


Monthly Report Card To Parents


The subjects and topics taught in EDUKATE follow the Malaysian national syllabus. Therefore the curriculum we offer is relevant to what your child is learning in school. It is a powerful supplementary tool for students' after school revision. In EDUKATE, students can learn English, Mathematics, and Science (Math and Science are available in DUAL Languages: Bahasa Malaysia and English). Currently, EDUKATE's E-learning platform cater only for the primary level which are students from Standard 1 to Standard 6.




If you would like to determine your child's aptitude and subject knowledge in Math, Science and English, then have your child take our Pre-Test. The test will clearly show you your child's understanding and knowledge in these subjects through our comprehensive report. This will help you prepare your child for the new school year.

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