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What is EDUKATE?

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EDUKATE is an E-Learning portal that helps students in Standard 4, 5 and 6 with their lessons (Math, Science and English). The portal offers students:

• Multimedia lessons (for every topic the student is studying in school)
• E-books and
• Tests and assessments.

This portal will help the student learn and understand concepts clearly and is designed to improve students’ results.

How Does EDUKATE Work?

The portal systematically leads the student through a learning process. Each lesson has a learning objective and the process is designed to achieve those learning objectives. The learning process uses images, animation, videos, audio and interactivity to effectively deliver lessons.
To support the learning process, EDUKATE also places the student in a learning ecosystem. The ecosystem supports the student’s learning and understanding of lessons by linking lessons to personalized E-books, reference materials, glossaries and meaningful assessment feedback.

Why Choose EDUKATE?

EDUKATE’s advanced learning technology is used worldwide by more than 25 million users and by prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Pearson Publishing, The British Council and more.



EDUKATE believes that incentives are a big part of learning. This is why we have created a points system that will reward students for learning. Students will earn points for answering questions correctly and also earn points for time spent on working the system (viewing lessons). Periodically, EDUKATE will offer students prizes and rewards based on the points earned.

EDUKATE will also be partnering with various partners like mobile companies, fast food chains, travel companies and others to sponsor attractive prizes such as pre-paid mobile cards, meal vouchers and tickets. All these attractive prizes and rewards will be given through a points program.

Who Are We

Who Are We

EDUKATE is a E-Learning portal that was developed in collaboration between Learning Orchard Sdn Bhd and Excelsoft Technologies Pvt Limited. Together, the two partners have almost 30 years’ experience in E-Learning.

Learning Orchard

Learning Orchard’s first E-Learning project came from a government grant (DAGS) to build an education portal for students in 1999. From that opportunity, Learning Orchard realized that one of the strongest areas that the Internet was able to serve the community was in the area of education and it began to innovate and create products that could directly impact the education community.

Learning Orchard is a company that focuses on looking at ways to use technology creatively to enhance the learning experience. It understood that what was really needed was for it to take advantage of the technology that is available and translate that into systems with good pedagogical design that will meet the educational needs of students, achieve the learning objectives, enhance their learning experience and improve their performance.

Learning Orchard believed that good education can improve productivity, change mind-sets, improve the performance of organizations and even transform a nation. Therefore, it does not take what it does lightly and is constantly looking for ways to partner with technology and companies to deliver the best learning experience to its customers.

Some of Learning Orchard’s Achievements:

  • Pioneers of E-Learning services (more than 14 years)
  • Created in the online nationwide UPSR, PMR and SPM exams.
  • Credited for providing the E-Learning systems for two of the biggest E-Learning providers in the nation

Excelsoft Technologies Pvt Limited

Excelsoft Technologies is a global player in E-Learning. It has been around for more than 14 years and has developed proprietary systems for some of the largest companies in the world. It also provides its services to organizations like Pearson (largest publishers in the world), Harvard, Cambridge, The British Council and other prestigious instituitions.

Excelsoft is one of the largest eLearning solutions providers with expertise in learning design, pedagogy and technology. It now reaches over 25 million end users through its solutions delivered by customers and partners across the globe. Excelsoft has a strong base in learning management along with innovations in Mobile technologies, 3D Virtual worlds like Second life and in Open source technologies.

Some of Excelsoft’s Achievements:

  • Excelsoft’s Solution wins “Best Packaged Application” Award from Govt. of India
  • Prestigious JISC-TOIA project partnerships with global publishing majors –Pearson, WKE etc.
  • Receives ‘Certificate of Excellence’ Award from Government of India.
  • Wins Airtel award for nationwide LMS implementation through m-browser, mobile and web services.
  • Wins Best Innovation in Pedagogical practices Award –World Education Summit