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Weekly Lessons

What will you be learning with EDUKATE

Every week, KATE will prepare a set of weekly lessons. These lessons will follow the National Syllabus. This way, the students can either go through the lessons before going to class (so that when they get to class and learn, they will understand the subject a lot better) or the students can go through the weekly lessons after class (to strengthen their understanding of what was taught in class). If the lessons presented in ‘Weekly Lessons’ are different from what is currently being taught in school (some schools may go at a faster pace, others may go at a slower pace), the student can then go to the Lessons section and select the lesson (topic) that they want to learn. All the lessons taught in the National Syllabus can be found in the Lessons section.

My Bookshelf

Each student can access our open Library System

Each student will have access to an Openpage personal E-Book for each subject. Openpage technology is the leading E-Book technology in the world and is used by some of the world’s biggest names in publishing like Pearson, Cambridge, Wiley and others. EDUKATE students will now have access to this technology where the student can not only read, but make notes, create links, share information, take quizzes and so much more through this E-Book.

Student Report


Each student will have a personal report card that record their test scores and how much time they have spent on the system and on each subject. A summary of the student’s progress is also sent to the parents via e-mail to enable them to get a quick overview of their child’s performance. This will help the parents keep track of the students’ areas academic progress –

Parent Report

This is how we help parents understand your child’s progress

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We realize that parents play a big part in their children’s educational growth.But many parents today do not have enough time to figure out what their children are learning in school or have the resources to help them. Therefore KATE will send parents the following every week:

  • Summary of their children’s weekly lessons
  • Questions and answers that parents can use to test their children’s understanding of the lessons.
  • Monthly performance report to enable parents to see their children’s progress.